White Space
is a team of Digital Marketers, Product Managers, Software Developers, and Creative Technologists.

About White Space

White Space Technologies is a product development house. We build products, not just apps. We are a full-stack team that offers solutions throughout the whole product lifecycle - from Market Assessments, Ideation, MVP, Product Strategy, Design, Prototyping, to Development. The whole shebang. We cater to companies, agencies, and startups. We are based in the Philippines, with offices in Makati City, Metro Manila and Cagayan de Oro.

The Internet can get a lot overwhelming nowadays - even more so if you're trying to become its next business sensation. But don't you fret noble surfer. We're here to offer a digital hand-to-hold and guide you through the digital yellow brick road.

It's not about bombarding you with low-level executions. No. It's about using technology to its full potential, and building products that users need and find valuable.

Everyone wants to get ahead. Difference is, we know we can take you there.

Why White Space?

All great works have one thing in common - they start out blank. Be it a piece of paper, canvas, or Word document.

But when it comes to the Internet, there aren't any borders, just an endless expanse of untapped possibilities waiting to be unleashed into the world. That's the kind of freethinking we bring to each project.

Now, the backbone of our process can be broken down into 3 equally important parts: Product Management, Design, and Software Development. All of which have one thing smack dab in the middle - you.

So don't worry. The Internet may be large. It might be a bit daunting. But trust us, we'll carve out a space for you that no one has tapped yet. And before you know it, we'll be watching you ride into that successful sunset.

Management Team





Having spent the past 15 years in tech mecca (tecca) Silicon Valley, Chris decided it was time to take his talents back home to the Philippines.

He brings with him an absolute wealth of knowledge in all things Digital Marketing. From spending 8 years in Product Management at California-based VerticalResponse to clocking in 7 years as a Software Development Consultant for various companies, sky’s the limit for this White Space Co-Founder.

A certified dive master, bacon connoisseur, and lover of all things Apple, Chris is primed and ready to improve the country – one software at a time.





The other White Space Co-Founder and undoubted brains behind the operation. This travel junkie will help you figure out the right digital marketing tools you need faster than a really, really fast plane.

With her extensive background in Sales & Brand Management and fascination with harnessing the raw power of Digital Marketing, the Internet has pretty much become her playground.

So whether she’s using that skill to her advantage by helping you get ahead in the market or finding crazy deals online, point is there’s always an advantage with Graciella. Bottom line: she knows how to get the job done.





Joshua’s title might as well say “Relationship Development” because of how much you’ll love him after he’s done with your project.

His skills include (but are not limited to): Content Management Systems, Web Development, Interface/User Experience Design, Software Applications Development, and Web & Mobile Applications.

A jack of all trades and master of them all, this Xavier-Ateneo hybrid is a crucial cog in our computer science company.